Snow Shop
Frozen treats and sweets for hot Austinites
  • Cold, Soft Snow.​
    ​32+ handmade flavors.


Soft snow. 
Hard choices.

The decisions can be hard, when choosing what handmade flavors you want to top our snow.  

So why limit yourself?

Go 50-50 with an old favorite (for me it's an Arnold Palmer---half homemade sweet tea and half lemonade), a new invention or ask us to help you find something great. 

Paint it bright with three stripes, dab a new flavor on  top of your old favorites, or rediscover the joy of being a kid and go wild for a bold and tasty  rainbow. 

Chill out with us on Instagram @SnowShopAustin


Grab and Go

Treats for the whole family

Get out and cool off 

Fresh snow balls deliver...

A refreshing treat

Joy in a foam cup

Sticky, sweet memories

Safe, quick escape

Beat the heat

A treat fo' yo' self

Family owned and operated

Family-owned and operated, we want to share the simple joy of water, sugar, colors and happiness.

Cool off with us

The only reason we exist is to bring you, our neighbors and friends, safe and easy refreshment this Summer. It's already been a long year, and it's going stay hot, so why not get out and grab a little colorful cup of fun. 


Daily : 2pm to DUSK, or 8:30pm-ish right now

Where are we?

The Bright Yellow Trailer

@ the front of Contigo's parking lot

2015 Anchor Lane

Austin, TX 78723

Phone: 512-571-3352